Monday, January 25, 2010

OK, what does one do when there is no workplace any longer? This is an especially difficult question when one(me) has an overwhelming need to be productive. So, I create. One thing I do is to smock baby dresses. Smocking? What in the hell is that? It's a very old craft in which tiny embroidery stitches are made over tiny pleats (see photo above-one of my creations). Anyway making these extremely time- consuming dresses gives me such pleasure. And luckily, so many of my former workmates continue to have little girls. I made one "little boy romper" for my baby grandson... but don't think that went over so well with Mom and Dad. I think I'll stick with buying OSH-KOSH for him. To me, it is still so amazing to start with a completely flat and unadorned piece of fabric and end up with something so beautiful. I have spent the last few months bringing my sewing room up-to-par. I've added racks for thread and bobbins, hooks for notions, extra shelves, a super project light and table, and even a bias tape maker (didn't know such a thing existed until last December). I get so immersed in my projects... I sometimes forget to eat and lose track of time.

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